How do you use pre eminence in a sentence?

high status importance owing to marked superiority. (1) His pre-eminence in his subject is internationally recognized. (2) No one doubt the preeminence of my father in financial matter. (3) And it’s a tradition that sustains the pre-eminence of the seven-car S-class range.

How is develope spelled?

Develope definition Obsolete spelling of develop.

Is afford transitive?

(transitive), (formal) If you afford someone something, you give it or allow it. The Government has continued to afford him protection.

Is develope wrong?

If someone unsure of the spelling looks up “develope” and finds a note that it is generally considered a misspelling of “develop,” this is more helpful than not finding it at all and guessing that we might not have added the entry yet.

Is extended or was extended?

“In answer to many requests, it was decided to extend the paper submission.” I know that if we want to say that we have more time to submit the paper, we can use other words: ” The paper submission was extended”. Then the “extended” word is used correctly.

Is impracticability a word?

im·prac·ti·ca·ble adj. 1. Impossible to do or carry out: Refloating the sunken ship intact proved impracticable because of its fragility.

Is willful a negative word?

While being full of will, or determination, doesn’t necessarily seem like a bad thing, the word willful is negative in meaning. Use it when someone is behaving in a stubborn or uncooperative manner.

What are covenants not to compete?

A covenant not to compete, also called a “nompete agreement” or “non compete clause,” is an agreement where one party promises not to compete with the other party in a specified area for a certain period of time. A covenant not to compete can be found in an employment contract or a sale of business contract.

What are the 3 laws of learning?

Edward Thorndike developed the first three laws of learning: readiness, exercise, and effect. He set also the law of effect which means that any behavior that is followed by pleasant consequences is likely to be repeated, and any behavior followed by unpleasant consequences is likely to be avoided.

What ascendancy means?

Definition of ascendancy : governing or controlling influence : domination.

What do you mean by extended?

intransitive verb. 1 : to stretch out in distance, space, or time : reach their jurisdiction extended over the whole area. 2 : to reach in scope or application his concern extends beyond mere business to real service to his customers.

What does caught in ascendancy mean?

When you assume ascendancy over someone else, you become more powerful than they are. Ascendancy is the state of being in a higher position. If you look at ascendancy, you see the word, ascend, which means to go up.

What does deliberate intention mean?

adjective. If you do something that is deliberate, you planned or decided to do it beforehand, and so it happens on purpose rather than by chance.

What does follow your own convictions mean?

to continue to say or do what you think is right, even when other people think you are wrong. Synonyms and related words. To not change, or to refuse to change your opinion.

What does saying something with conviction mean?

2 n-uncount If you have conviction, you have great confidence in your beliefs or opinions. `We shall, sir,’ said Thorne, with conviction.

What does the word unworkable mean?

: not workable : impractical an unworkable plan/solution.

What does under conviction mean?

“Under conviction” described the way the Spirit of God tugs at the heart of someone and urges confession, repentance and rightful redirection.

What does willfully mean legally?

An act is done “willfully” if done voluntarily and intentionally and with the specific intent to do something the law forbids.

What is a antonym and a synonym for afford?

verb. ( əˈfɔrd) Be able to spare or give up. Antonyms. borrow deny withdraw take. spend drop. afford (English)

What is a liquidated debt?

Liquidated debts are those whose amounts are known and agreed upon. If there are disputes about a debt, or it is contingent on another event, then the debt is said to be unliquidated.

What is a primate city?

A primate city is the dominant city among a country’s urban areas. Countries have urban hierarchies comprising large and small cities in terms of their population sizes, spatial extent, or territorial size and the importance of their economies.