What is a word for over ambitious?

decisive, dogged, purposeful, resolute, resolved, serious, single-minded, steadfast, strong-willed, stubborn, tenacious, bent, decided, firm, fixed, obstinate, pat, persevering, set, settled.

When describing accomplishments and experiences in a résumé?

Describe your responsibilities in concise statements led by strong verbs. Focus on those skills and strengths that you possess and that you have identified as being important to your field. Try to incorporate industry specific key words.

What are key experiences?

So, What Makes a Key Experience? experiences are events in a leader’s life that result in learning, growth and/or increased capacity to effectively lead. Gallup has worked with many organizations to define such key experiences.

What’s a professional experience?

Professional experience means the experience that occurred through full-time employment in an educational related field or in a field in which the person intends to be licensed.

Why should you consider yourself fit to be hired by jspl?

Very Good technically skill, in my respective area. Always did the given targets on time. Awarded the certification of best job performance in my field. Always enthusiastic is solving the critical issues on time and resolved the many issues within the time frame.

When you accomplish something quotes?

Quote by Anatole France: “To accomplish great things we must not only act…”

When you accomplish a lot?

A conversational narcissist will do their best to limit the discussion to topics where they are knowledgeable and can take up the most airtime. If the conversation strays to other subject matter, Durvasula says, they tend to disengage incredibly quickly and visibly. Monopolizing the conversation.

When use accomplish?

The choir activity included the performances, which made the work goal-oriented. Because it is governed by mind, the process is goal-oriented.

Do accomplishments make you happy?

With each success you record, it can heighten your sense of satisfaction – it can make you happier. “Seeing the progress is important,” says Cusick. “If you don’t see progress, then you can think [your efforts] don’t matter. But people create the lives they want.”

Are humans meant to be happy?

Humans are not designed to be happy, or even content. Instead, we are designed primarily to survive and reproduce, like every other creature in the natural world. A state of contentment is discouraged by nature because it would lower our guard against possible threats to our survival.